How to book our Cheltenham Yoga In Person and Online yoga classes

Our Cheltenham Yoga and Tewkesbury Yoga classes run in terms of 6 weeks (even throughout the summer!) with a one week break in-between, until Christmas when we have a few extra weeks off. 

We also have a timetable of ONLINE live yoga classes and a series of ONLINE VIDEOS – please contact us for more details.

Early Spring Term: February 20th – March 31st: IN PERSON AND ONLINE – You can sign up at any time 🙂

Late Spring Term: April 10th – May 19th: IN PERSON AND ONLINE

Summer Term: May 29th – July 7th: IN PERSON AND ONLINE

Late Summer Term: July 17th – 25th August: IN PERSON AND ONLINE

Autumn Term: September 4th – October 13th: IN PERSON AND ONLINE

Winter Term: October 23rd – December 1st: IN PERSON AND ONLINE

You can sign up at anytime during the term if you miss the start but please note we don’t offer regular drop ins.


Yoga is an ancient tradition and a discipline and was never intended to be a practice that you dipped in and out of. The only way to really feel the benefit of yoga (whether it be physical or mental) is to practice on a regular basis, which is why we book people on for 6 week terms.

However, you’re more than welcome to try a class out before committing to a whole term.  After all there are so many approaches to yoga that you need to find the one that suits you!

A 6 week term for Cheltenham Yoga IN PERSON evening and morning classes is £62 (one class per week during the term plus a choice of online live classes and videos) and a trial class is £12.

A 6 week term for Cheltenham Yoga Online is £45 (a choice of online live classes and videos) and a trial week is £12.

A 6 week term for Cheltenham Yoga Online pre-recorded videos: £26

A 6 week term for the lunchtime Cheltenham Yoga IN PERSON classes is £50 (one class per week plus a choice of online live classes and videos) and a trial class is £12. 

A 6 week term for the Tewkesbury Yoga IN PERSON classes is £54 (one class per week plus a choice of online live classes and videos) and a trial class is £12.

Gentle yoga online with Steph: £7 per class payable upfront or £26 for the recordings only.

To book your place please contact us either via email, phone or the contact form and we’ll send you out the current booking form, health questionnaire and payment details.

We look forward to seeing you at yoga!




We save the email contact details of all people enquiring about our yoga classes, workshops or training courses.

Address details of anyone not joining our classes will stay in our ‘enquiries address book’ until the end of our 6 week term, after which they will be contacted to be informed about the subsequent term, at which point they are given the option to remain on the mailing list. If they do not respond to the end of term mailing they will be deleted from our mailing list & address books.

We have no interest in retaining contact details for people not interested in our classes or events.

Everyone joining our classes is required to complete a health questionnaire, as a means to help us keep you safe in the classes and to qualify our professional indemnity cover, i.e. to be seen by the insurer as taking every effort to maintain your safety.

If you leave the classes, we keep the health questionnaire on record for 2 terms of absence, in case you decide to return, after which they are deleted or destroyed. If you subsequently re-join the classes, you will be required to complete a new questionnaire, for the reasons stated above.

We require you to complete an updated health questionnaire every 2 years, so that we’re aware of any health issues that might impact upon us maintaining your safety.
Any questionnaires older than 2 years are deleted & destroyed.
There is a statement on the health questionnaire advising that signing the document agrees to our privacy statement, which is available clearly here on our website.


The information requested in the health questionnaire enables us to:

  • Contact attendees of our classes, to advise them of changes to the class schedules (e.g. cancellations), the start of new terms and forthcoming, related events.
  • To keep you safe and healthy andapply our techniques appropriately with full knowledge of your health situation and experience.
  • To fully understand what you are looking for from your yoga practice, so we can design our classes appropriately.


We use your contact details to:

  • Advise you when there are 2 weeks and then 1 week remaining of term, to give ample notice for catch up classes to be booked and taken, so you don’t lose out.
  • To give existing students first option to re-book and retain their place before we allow new students to take their place.
  • In the first week of term, reminding students who booked that the term is starting.
  • To advise of any changes to the usual teaching schedule.
  • The only information that you will ever receive from us will be related to the new yoga term, schedule changes and, (as part of that communication) forthcoming, related event, i.e. we list all our holidays, workshops and courses in our email sign-off.


We will never share your personal details with 3rdparty companies.
Given the nature of our activities, in case of our absence when our class is being covered by a colleague, we may on occasion need to share limited health information in order to ensure your safety in the classes.


Your address details are password protected on our system.
Any health questionnaires submitted by email are kept on our password protected system.
Any hard copy health questionnaires submitted are either scanned in and kept on our system (see above) or kept securely under lock and key.


There are cookies on our website but they do not store data.


Naturally, you have the right to opt out of receiving our communications at any time by emailing us at the address below.


We have links on our website to business partners and colleagues but we have no control over their websites or links there-on


You will be informed about any changes to our privacy policy.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy or have any issues with how we treat your personal information, please contact Gareth on 07900 242317 or email