ONLINE Gentle yoga class with Steph: £5

ONLINE Gentle yoga class with Steph: £5

Join Steph for a gentle and relaxing online yoga class.

These classes are suitable for anyone recovering from illnesses such as covid-19 which might have left you with feelings of extreme tiredness and lethargy. Or you might have been or currently are suffering with C.F.S. or M.E. Or maybe you just fancy a gentler class! Steph will lead you through some yoga postures linking movement to breath and each class will end with a lying relaxation and some seated meditative breathing (pranayama).

At just £6 per class it really is a small investment for your general health and well-being. Payment must be made in advance by Monday night as the links will be sent out on Tuesday morning. All classes are recorded so if you miss the class you will still be able to access it for several weeks afterwards. Please contact Steph for booking and payment details.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tue

    16.00 - 17.00