Mixed ability yoga with Gareth (Tewkes)

Mixed ability yoga with Gareth (Tewkes)

These classes with Gareth are mixed ability and as the name suggests we do have a wide range of people attending with different levels of fitness (or not!), agendas and ages (18 and over).  You might come along to help reduce stress levels, improve strength or flexibility or it may be that this is a little ‘me’ time!

There is a wide rage of asana (postures) taught in each class with variations and modifications given according to how yo might be feeling and whether you have any injuries past or current.  After the physical work you lie down in savasana (corpse posture) to relax and absorb your practice.  You’re then invited to sit back up for some work in pranayama (seated meditative breath work).

Event Hours(1)

  • Wed

    19.15 - 20.30