IN PERSON Improvers yoga with Gareth & Chantal

IN PERSON Improvers yoga with Gareth & Chantal

The improvers classes are for people (18 and over) who are more confident in their yoga practice and have been practicing for awhile.  We explore stronger postures, sequences and breathing techniques and take more time to discuss aspects of the asana (postures) or pranayama (seated meditative breathing).

Being that viniyoga takes into account all different kinds of bodies, levels of flexibility and strength, we offer alternatives in these classes too.  After all you may have been practicing yoga for a long time but you may find that there are some postures that will never be accessible!  This may be due to simply the way your body is put together or it may be because of recent or old injuries.

Cost: £65 for the 6 week term which also gives you access to all our online and video classes too 🙂

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  • Mon

    19.30 - 20.45