Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is unlike any ‘conventional’ massage you’re likely to have experienced! Also known as Thai massage, Thai therapy, Traditional Thai massage or in Thai, ‘nuad pen boran’, it has its’ roots in India and has links to yoga and also the Buddhist tradition.

Based on the yoga theory of ‘prana’ (our vital energy) this is essentially an energy body massage. The practitioner/therapist works holistically on your body from your feet to your head, using hands, elbows, knees and even their feet to ‘massage’ and stretch your body into yoga like positions to leave you feeling energised and relaxed and giving you the best stretch you’re had for a long time! It takes place on a futon, fully clothed and lasts for about 2 hours.

Contact Chantal to  book your massage in her central Cheltenham therapy room or she can come to you if you’re based in Cheltenham. APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE MONDAYS TO SATURDAYS.

Thai yoga massage courses and workshops

As well as being Thai yoga massage therapists Chantal and Gareth also teach Thai yoga massage, running introductory one day workshops and full practitioner diploma courses in central Cheltenham.

The one day workshop is a fun and relaxing day where you’ll be introduced to the history of Thai yoga massage as well as learning some techniques and stretches to take home and practice on friends and family.  It’s also a great intro to the course if you want to take it further.  OUR NEXT INTRO WORKSHOP: 2ND NOVEMBER.

The training course consists of 72 teaching hours split into 6 weekends (1 weekend per month). Each day is divided into theory, demonstration and practice sessions with the focus very much on hands-on learning.  Students have different reasons for attending the course.  They might have an interest in yoga, they may be working as a massage therapist, physiotherapist and want to develop their skill set, or might just simply enjoy the idea of spending a whole weekend every month being ‘worked’ on and reciprocating!  It really is a lovely and relaxing way to spend a weekend and a great way of learning new massage techniques in a friendly environment.

If you intend to practise professionally, after the course has ended you will be required to complete a series of case studies, a written and  practical exam and submit a short essay to qualify and take insurance.  OUR NEXT COURSE STARTS IN MARCH 2025.

Please contact Gareth for more info on the upcoming workshops and the next practitioner course or check out our Thai yoga massage website.